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Top Tips for Winter

Top Tips for Winter

It might feel a bit brisk outside, but December can bring some beautiful clear days perfect for a bit more pottering in the garden. As we move in to mid-winter in January we can take comfort that the days are lengthening and begin to plan for the coming gardening year. It's important to check your winter protection, stakes, ties and supports and vital to put out food and water for hungry birds.

Top Gardening Tips for Winter

  1. Harvest! Leeks, parsnips, sprouts and remaining root crops. 

  2. Protect. Check your winter protection structures, insulate outdoor taps and prevent ponds from freezing, raise patio containers onto feet or bricks to avoid them sitting in the winter wet

  3. Prune. Acers, birches and vines before Christmas, open-grown apples and pears in the New Year. Cut back faded herbaceaous perennials.

  4. Reduce the watering of houseplants

  5. Clean pots and  greenhouses ready for spring

  6. Improve the drainage of heavy clay soils by working in plenty of bulky organic matter such as composted bark 

  7. Continue to plant bare-root deciduous hedging plants and trees, when planting roses avoid areas where roses were previously grown as this can lead to problems with replant disease

  8. January is the last chance to sow seeds that need frost in order to germinate, native trees, shrub seeds and alpine plants

  9. Rake up any winter debris and leaves off your borders to keep them tidy, clear up any weedy beds ready for mulching in the spring.

  10. Sweet Peas can be sown in January and lily bulbs can be planted in pots and in borders during mild spells

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