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Garden Furniture

Here at the garden centre in Rutland Garden Village near Oakham, you'll find a full display of our range of Katie Blake® rattan weave outdoor furniture. 

How you can make the right decision when making your purchase: 

  • Consider the overall size of the item or set and if/where it will be placed. Is there enough room to sit comfortably?  We strongly recommend getting out the tape measure and really working out how much space you have available. There's nothing worse than ending up too cramped to sit and truly relax. 
  • Think about seating style and comfort.  Are you looking for a more supportive upright backrest or the laid-back comfort of a recliner - or both? Do you need to consider the ease of sitting down for the people who will use it most frequently?

What about delivery?  

  • As the garden furniture is bulky to transport, please factor in that we offer a garden furniture delivery service at a reasonable flat rate of £50 to the E15 and PE9 area.
  • All other deliveries by pallet need to be offloaded onto fairly solid ground. Our couriers will only deliver the pallet/s close to your entrance and are not in a position to assist you in unpacking or moving the boxed items round to your back garden. All packaging is to be disposed of by the customer.
  • All areas in the UK will be quoted separately. Delivery charges depend on the postcode as well as your choice of garden furniture in terms of weight and volume. 
  • Our 'Click & Collect' service is available if you would like to organise your own transport.



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Stylish, superb quality outdoor rattan furniture at a sensible price!

Located in Rutland, near to the A1 and close to the border of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire, Rutland Garden Village offers a unique outdoor furniture shopping experience. We attract customers from as far afield as Leicester and Nottingham when it comes to outdoor garden furniture, gardening supplies and both indoor and outdoor designer homewares.

We currently have the prestigious Chatsworth range of Katie Blake® outdoor furniture in stock in our outdoor showroom, to enable customers to ‘test-drive’ both the comfort of the contours and the flat-rattan weave styling – we know how important it is to feel the quality when shopping for furniture in person and when that’s not possible – to have all the details and visuals online to show you exactly what you are buying.

From 2-seat benches to bistro sets, up to luxurious 6-seater fully-adjustable recliner dining sets and corner outdoor lounge seating, we offer a solid range of options to suit both small and large gardens.

A stylish set of Katie Blake® furniture will in itself become a beautiful feature for your garden or patio!


Why choose Katie Blake® furniture?

When we decided which outdoor furniture to stock for our valued customers, we compared many different supplier offerings, both nationally and internationally. It took a while but we settled on the Katie Blake® Chatsworth range for a few very good reasons.

Firstly, it is stylish, comfortable and probably the best combination of quality and affordability on the market. And of course, we chose one of the (if not the most) reliable local supplier to partner with. No point in buying outdoor furniture as an investment if you can’t rely on a good supplier for many years to come.

Secondly, we pride ourselves on the 10-year guarantee that is available for this all-weather range (providing of course that you use the Katie Blake® cover when not in use). And let’s talk about the minimal maintenance – we know you have better things to do. ‘All-weather’ means that you can leave it outdoors all year round. It requires very little looking after besides the occasional dusting with a soft brush and soapy water to bring it back to a totally fresh look again. It won’t rust as the sturdy and durable frame is made of 15mm aluminium. 

All sets come complete with a generously sized wind-up parasol, strong parasol base where indicated.

The cushions are made to British Standard 5852 Fire and Safety specs thus ensuring safe storage inside your home. 100% polyester material provides a rot free finish. The cushions are treated with a shower-proof finish, however we don’t recommend leaving them out permanently as they will deteriorate faster than if stored during the off-season. They should be stored away when not in use in a dry environment to avoid mould. We do stock the perfectly-sized Katie Blake® cushion boxes here at Rutland Garden Village too.

The furniture sets displayed in our garden centre showroom are lightweight in terms of being able to move them around with ease (the joy of 7mm synthetic rattan flat weave) however the quality is by no means lightweight. The chair arms and table tops and legs have a very generous and substantial frame depth that just adds to the overall luxurious look and feel.

All glass table tops are all made of strong 5mm tempered glass. The mechanisms on the adjustable fire-pit tables and the recliner chairs are incredibly well-designed and very hard-wearing.


Special features …

When it comes to the Chatsworth dining set with the built-in firepit - the gas firepit tables operate using Patio Gas Bottles. These are the green bottles filled with propane. It is important to get a Green Patio Gas Bottle as this is compatible with the clip-on regulator we supply with our systems. You should buy a 5kg bottle as these fit inside the table. Our firepit systems are CE Certified and manufactured using grade 304 stainless steel ensuring they are weatherproof and made to the highest quality. The system used provides ample heat, light and ambience for the surrounding area.

By using the control panel under the table top you can adjust the flames to either give you about 6 hours on full flame to almost double that at a lower setting. Great ambience and comfort when sitting outside on those cooler summer and autumn evenings.

The adjustable table height feature on the corner set is ideal. You can use as a coffee table in front of a garden sofa, or raise in just a few seconds to enjoy more formal drinks with your guests. Or use it to set up your laptop for home working. This adjustable table allows you to take full advantage of the space you have available turning your garden lounging area into a dining room! With a few simple movements, you can raise the garden table easily and effortlessly into a dining table and entertain family and friends alfresco style…

So … if you are in the area (the East Midlands region in England) then pop in for a good look at our options on offer – we deliver locally and nationally with palletised shipping for a reasonable delivery fee of course.

Or simply order online and we’ll have your new Katie Blake® furniture shipped to you within days from our garden centre here in Ashwell, near Oakham.


Q: How good is the 10 year Guarantee?

The manufacturers and distributors of Katie Blake Garden Furniture have been established for more than 30 years so you can rest assured your guarantee will be intact throughout the guarantee period. Remember to consider that when buying online or an unknown supplier - a supplier’s guarantee is only a valid whilst the supplier remains in business! In the event of bankruptcy your guarantee is worthless! Bear this in mind when you decide to buy your furniture.

Q: Faulty workmanship?

In the unlikely event the rattan weave splits or fades badly Katie Blake will replace the item. This does not include the rattan being scuffed or picked at by pets or children. The strong aluminium frame will not bend, rust or break under normal use. We do not cover misuse. General wear and tear is not covered including spilling harmful chemicals, failing to clean your furniture regularly, pet and damage caused by misuse also damage caused by high winds.