Rutland Garden Centre & Village

Since 1979 there has always been a garden centre at this very site, located near ashwell, 3 miles north of Oakham in Rutland, the countries smallest county. Don't let its size fool you however, this county is a true hidden gem, surprisingly well-connected to the heart of the midlands, with Peterborough, Leicester, and Nottingham all within a stones throw, and features some beautiful sights to behold, such as Rutland Water which is the UK's largest man-made lake!

Rutland is often known as "The County of Good Taste", famed for its picturesque villages and rolling countryside hills. Rutland Water as mentioned above is a large body of water where you can regularly spot groups partaking in sailing, canoeing and fishing, with the grounds surrounding it creating a nature reserve, located minutes from the market towns of Oakham and Uppingham - both of which house boarding schools dating back to the 1500's, that are still thriving to this very day!

Our proud county is also known for its enthusiastic gardeners, which is why here at Rutland Garden Village we pride ourselves on being "The Gardeners Garden Centre" - A place where you can find plants of impeccable quality, locally and ethically sourced; as well as being able to speak to our team of expert horticulturalists to get any advice you may need at the start of your gardening odyssey.

From compost to conifer, hyacinths to hydrangea, and everything inbetween - Our range of quality tools, landscaping materials and plants are curated to suit all gardens, styles and budgets! We are also renown for some of our more unusual horticultral finds, and statement specimen plants.

A nice garden centre in Rutland and around

Everyone loves a lovely garden where flowers thrive and butterflies fly around. Thanks to the wide array of gardening products available at the garden centre, you too can live this dream. Just for you, Rutland Garden Village has all kinds of products, such as outdoor plants and garden furniture. The store offers local delivery and click & collect services. No matter what you’re looking for, Rutland Garden Village near Oakham, has it. Besides the range of products for your garden, a visit to our garden centre also includes some other great extras for you to enjoy. Relax and unwind after a long day of shopping in the Cakery, situation in the Village Garden Store or grab a bite to eat at Radish, our on site restaurant. 

Our garden village near Stamford and Corby

Are you looking for products to ensure a gorgeous green garden? Then you came to the right place at Rutland Garden Village. For instance, have a look at our wide array of outdoor plants that will enhance your garden in an instant. Whether you are looking for new bedding plants or an eye-catching fruit tree, Rutland Garden Village has everything you’re looking for. Our Garden centre has everything in store to give your outdoor plants the best care possible. Gardening tools, compost and bulbs and seeds are all part of the assortment. Come and visit us soon!

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