What plants can do for our nervous systems

What plants can do for our nervous systems

As our world continues to move faster and faster, connection to nature becomes even more important. With technology becoming more prevalent by the day, and a huge rise in working from home, so many people are scrambling to find connection with themselves, and grounding through nature is an extremely effective tool. Gardening can lower cortisol, enhance production of serotonin and endorphins and provide a brilliant opportunity to soak up some vitamin D! Here’s how:


The often simple and repetitive tasks of gardening provide an opportunity to be present and focused in the moment you are in, offering an escape from the chaos of today. Many people find the sensory experience of having their fingers in the soil, with the sounds and smells of nature surrounding them wonderfully grounding and calming. Hospitals, schools and community spaces often have a sensory garden for this exact reason! Studies have shown that the meditative experience of the mindfulness that comes from these activities lower cortisol (the bodies stress hormone) and improve overall mental health! 


Gardening is a physically intensive activity! Digging, weeding and often carrying heavy loads can really work up a sweat! Nurturing a garden requires consistency, so in committing to your garden, you’re also committing to a regular low impact workout. Physical movement releases endorphins, the bodies natural mood enhancers, so it’s good for your brain and body! Two for the price of one!! 


Starting a garden and watching the it grow and progress can be an incredibly rewarding experience! It acts as a tangible reminder that you are capable of learning and creating beautiful things! The sense of accomplishment this provides can hugely improve self esteem, and is often used as a part of therapy for patients struggling with their mental health!

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